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Companies that make the most effective use of modern proposal technology in addition to employing the skills of professional consultants totally familiar with these state-of-the-art techniques are those most successful in developing winning proposals.

The major tasks associated with proposal preparation and development are easy to define, but extremely difficult to successfully execute. We are able to accomplish these tasks for most aerospace and defense as well as other manufacturing or service companies that are considering bidding a major Federal or State Government procurement. We group these tasks into the following phases:

I. Strategy and Planning

II. RFP Analysis/Proposal Preparation

III. Evaluation and Review

IV. Substantiation and Rewrite

IV. Cost and Pricing Support

A schedule relating these proposal phases to major proposal milestones and manpower loading is developed immediately. This schedule for proposal preparation services is always planned to meet the capabilities and constraints of the client organization. From the initial briefing to the final draft, the client’s proposal team gains an increasing sense of assurance that the effort is being managed by a team of professionals. This sense of confidence is extremely important in a high-pressure proposal preparation environment, and leaves the client’s technical, manufacturing and business staffs with the mental freedom to attack the key creative issues on which the ultimate success of the effort depends. Such confidence can best be instilled by this professional team of consultants, knowledgeable in the current government procurement processes, and unhampered by the subjective views that often surround the well-intentioned efforts of the client’s personnel.

The purpose of each phase and the activities that establish their character are:

Phase I - Strategy and Planning
This phase is normally initiated prior to the receipt of the RFP. During this phase, the emphasis is on organizing the proposal effort, preparing the client personnel for the forthcoming pressures, and initiating actions ensuring an integrated proposal response document.

Phase II - RFP Analysis/Proposal Preparation
This phase is initiated with the receipt of the RFP and will consist of an evaluation of the RFP, of the basic proposal concept/plan, and of the technical and non-technical proposal response capability against the frame of reference of current state-of-the-art requirements and practice; the identification of areas requiring improvements; formation of a proposal organization; and the development of section-by-section response strategies. We will work directly with client personnel to assure that the reasonable and achievable limits of a proposed effort are understood and are being reflected in the cost driving areas such as design and operational effectiveness.

Phase III - Evaluation and Review
Three proposal reviews will be conducted during this phase. The initial review, conducted by the proposal manager and section leaders, is to approve the strategies, themes, and approaches which define the basic concepts for the proposal. The second review or the Blue Team provides the opportunity to verify the implementation, in the proposal, of plans and procedures. This is a review for content, style, accuracy, and impact of conceptualized (or actual) graphic presentation. The third and final review is the Red Team. Members of this mock Source Selection Evaluation Board will evaluate the proposal then review the findings and evaluation factors with each proposal section leader to identify substantiation requirements, as well as areas needing rewrite. In addition, specific criticism and recommendations are presented.

Phase IV - Substantiation and Rewrite
During this phase, we will work directly with the proposal team leaders to assure that the final proposal draft is integrated, complete, receives a high score against the evaluation criteria, and is credibly substantiated by both project and technology factors. Finally, we will assist in developing the rewritten responses, and incorporating the necessary substantiating and integrating statements.

Phase V - Cost and Pricing Support
This phase is a continuous process conducted throughout the technical and management proposal preparation and is in total consonance with the strategy developed for winning the procurement. We will review prior proposals, estimating manuals, accounting and financial reporting systems, and financial management policies and procedures to establish a basis of cost. Imprimis will work with client principals to formulate a plan for cost estimating responsibilities for technical functions, and then provide cost analysis support as required for various cost elements of the baseline cost estimate. In addition, we will assist in the development of the task integration matrix and skill mix for use in the cost estimating process and for cost realism/cost reasonableness reviews.

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