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The most successful approach to ensuring the preparation of a fully responsive (winning) proposal is to conduct a series of proposal reviews or evaluations. These include proposal strategy reviews, initial draft proposal reviews (Blue Team), as well as a mock Government Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) known as a Red Team review. The Blue Team reviews the initial draft proposal for continuity, consistency, and readability. The Red Team reviews, critiques and scores the proposal as would a Government SSEB. Members of the Red Team; Imprimis personnel, other individual consultants and client personnel, are selected for their expertise in specialty fields, technological competence and government agency/ mission area experience. The technical expertise and judgement reflected in the particular Technical and Management proposal, coupled with the overall approach, substantiation and credibility of the presentation, will be thoroughly evaluated by the Red Team. The specific evaluation and recommendations are then presented to all members of the client’s management staff, proposal preparation team members and technical volume authors.

The overall objective of the Red Team review is twofold, first, to evolve the program documentation to the highest level of refinement, sophistication and responsiveness while providing secondly, direct evidence to all proposal preparation participants that a concentrated and focused effort is being conducted to achieve the maximum degree of proposal perfection that time allows.

Tasks Involved
•  Proposal Strategy Review
•  Blue Team Review
•  Red Team Organization and Structure
•  Conduct of Formal Review
•  Summary Presentations
•  Findings and Recommendations
•  Follow-on Assistance

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