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Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning, the process by which an executive group reaches major decisions involving market and program objectives and the strategies for attaining those objectives, is “strategic” because the survival and growth of the entire organization is involved— from marketing to manufacturing, from engineering to estimating. It is “planning” because the process is of sufficient complexity that it is necessary to proceed in as orderly a way as possible. Our capability focuses on enhancing the strategic planning process by using knowledgeable, objective consultants in assisting the organization to formulate business area definition, program objectives and overall marketing strategy with respect to the main business area in which it is engaged.

Market Analysis and Business Opportunity Identification
Imprimis International is extremely well resourced and positioned to conduct independent audits of marketing capabilities and provide external market research toward the identification of both customer requirements and program opportunities.

Imprimis International is able to conduct comprehensive marketing reviews that involve an organized, objective study of a client company’s business environment, strategy and organization.

A systematic analysis of individual marketing strategies can be accomplished with an emphasis on comparison of alternative approaches. Finally, a selection can be made of the most appropriate strategy for the company’s fiscal year or particular planning period in question.

Analytic factors considered, include:
•  Researching Federal and State Government markets
•  Preliminary screening
•  Estimating market potential
•  Estimating sales
•  Segmenting the market

Competitive Assessment
Imprimis International will analyze the effectiveness and internal consistency of the client company’s organization, planning and control system and procedures, and compare the corporate capability versus the competitive environment. We will perform an analysis of both immediate and projected “win” potentials for selected programs.

Assessment factors considered include:
•  Technology match
•  Demonstrated management structure
•  Cost control – cost schedule
•  Production suitability/capability
•  Corporate interest
•  Experience data

The assessment factors are then coupled with a set of corporate capability criteria involving technological advances in research, engineering, design, and test procedures and facilities. This is then compared with the management structure, its organization and the personnel available. Finally, the production and manufacturing capabilities to include facilities, recent program history of cost control and schedule control are considered. Imprimis is then able to prepare a competitive assessment of technological specific or functional specific programs that the client can include in the annual business or marketing plan or use to make more intelligent bid, no-bid decisions.

Through the combined research and experience of Imprimis’ consultants and principals, the firm is uniquely qualified to create, document, and provide new concepts and direction in both strategic planning and business development to the client organization.

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